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Cost of Living General Information for Students

Expenses per month are estimated about 300-350 Euros including accommodation, transportation and other general expenses. In order to see the current rate of Euro (€) and Turkish Lira (TL) provided by the Central Bank of Turkey, please visit: Average prices for some basic products and services in Kocaeli are as follows:

A transport ticket for students 25 ¢
A loaf of bread 30 ¢
A cup of coffee in an average café 1-2 €
A liter of fresh water in the market 50 ¢
A liter of milk 1 €
Beer (50 cl) in the pub 3 €
Hamburger Menu 4 €
Coke in the market 1 €
A kilo of sugar 1,5 €
A kilo of chicken meat 2 €
A dozen of eggs 2 €
A kilo of beef meat 7 €
A liter of petrol 1 €
Cinema ticket for students 4 €
Meal at student cafeteria 50 ¢
Average restaurant meal 5 €

Accommodation General Information for Students

Erasmus students have the opportunity to accommodate in the student dormitories nearby Umuttepe Campus at low prices. There is also a rare opportunity to stay with host families (especially with families of the classmates), or they can rent apartments at reasonable prices nearby the campus. Montly rents vary between 150 and 250 € depending on the location and the size of the flat. The central heating is usually not included in the rent. Guesthouse arrangements have been continuing on Anıtpark and Umuttepe Campus for Erasmus students and academic staff.

Meals General Information for Students

There is a dining hall for students in the campus and four separate dishes are offered every day twice at lunch time and dinner time (50 ¢ each meal). The food is prepared and served within a hygienic environment under the control of food service specialists. Besides, there are cafeterias located in the Social Facilities building serving various types of food appealing to every type of consumers.

Medical Facilities General Information for Students

Kocaeli University’s health services are carried out by the General Directorate of Health, Culture and Sports in its purpose-built and modern health center located next to the Social Facilities building in Umuttepe Campus. The Directorate offers a full range of medical and dental services to the students, academic and administrative staff. These services include the medical check-ups and the usual daily services. Patients with major illnesses requiring admission to hospital are transferred to the University Hospital.

Facilities for Special Needs Students General Information for Students

Kocaeli University pays continuous effort to make necessary adaptations in order to facilitate an equitable education life for students with special needs and to promote their full integration into the campus life. Stair lifts for the handicapped in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, a special unit for the sight disabled at the central library, specifically designed alternative roads and elevators are the indicators that Kocaeli University is a handicapped friendly institution.

Insurance General Information for Students

International students are strongly advised to come to Kocaeli University with a valid international health insurance to cover medical costs. Therefore, in case of illness, students can benefit from all the health services offered by Kocaeli University but are required to pay for the services that will be reimbursed by their insurance later. International students can purchase the insurance either in their own country or in Turkey.

Financial Support for Students General Information for Students

Kocaeli University Rectorate, General Directorate of Health, Culture and Sports, Kocaeli University Foundation and various public and private institutions grant scholarships for students with outstanding academic performance and for students in financial need. Free lunch and books are also provided for students in need.

Student Affairs Office General Information for Students

Student Affairs Office carries out registration and other procedures.

International Office is responsible for the coordination of the mobility process within the scope of Erasmus Program. The Office, in cooperation with the Student Affairs Office and the relevant department, carries out all administrative and registration procedures regarding the preparation and support of the incoming and outgoing students and teaching staff.

Kocaeli University Umuttepe Campus (Student Affairs Office is in the Informatics Building which is "Bilgi İşlem Daire Başkanlığı" in Turkish) 41001, Kocaeli Phone: +90 (262) 303 12 01-02 Fax:+90 (262) 303 12 03

Learning Facilities General Information for Students

Kocaeli University's main learning facilities include education and research laboratories, computer centers and the main library. Today, our university carries out education, training and research activities with 18 faculties, 2 Schools, 1 State Conservatory, 3 Institutes, 9 Research Centers, 28 Research Units, and 21 Vocational Schools. Kocaeli University has 86 research and/or education laboratories equipped with state of the art hardware. Every major department has its own computer network and laboratory for its students. In addition, public computer laboratories are available workdays and weekends.

Kocaeli University Library and Documentation Center provides Professional library service in Umuttepe, Anıtpark Campuses and at the buildings of Law and Medicine Schools.

Kocaeli University central library meets educational, training and research needs of students and academics with its increasing collection.

  • 72 data bases, 101.452 abstracts, 41.166 full text and e-magazines, 115.103 e-books are accessible
  • More than 85.000 published books are available
  • Internet and wireless internet services are provided
  • 88 computers with internet connection are available
  • Sight- Disabled Unit is provided for students with special needs
  • Books and copies request from other libraries in Turkey is possible within the framework of inter-library cooperation

Click for more information on library conditions and detailed information.

Reading Hall Marmara Hall Ege Hall
Academic Year 08:45-20:00 07:00-24:00 08:45-17:00
Weekends (Academic Year) Saturdays 10:00-15:45 10:00-24:00 ---
Vacation Periods 08:45-17:15 08:45-17:15 08:45-12:00 & 13:00-17:00

International Programmes General Information for Students

Student and teaching staff exchange activities are performed under the body of Erasmus+ program. Kocaeli University has a standard Erasmus University Charter valid until 2021. Currently, Kocaeli University holds 233 Erasmus bilateral agreements with 160 universities from 24 different countries.

In addition, some of the departments have 38 mutual agreements for joint degrees with their counterparts in foreign universities. Please click here to view the list of agreements.

Practical Information for Mobile Students General Information for Students

How to Apply to Kocaeli University?

So as to be an Erasmus Exchange student at Kocaeli University, you should first check if there is a Bilateral Agreement between the faculty/department of your home university and the relevant faculty/department at Kocaeli University.

For academic matters such as; selecting the courses offered at the relevant department at Kocaeli University during the semester you would like to study or preparing your Learning Agreement, please contact with your faculty/department coordinator at Kocaeli University.

The faculty/department coordinator at Kocaeli University will provide you with information about the list of the courses offered in English. In many of the faculties/ departments at Kocaeli University, there are courses offered in English for our exchange students. As of 2019-2020 academic year, 30 % of courses in most degree programmes at Kocaeli University have been offered in English.

Required Documents:

  • Erasmus Application Form -- Download
  • Transcript of Records
  • A Confirmation Letter From Your Home University
  • ECTS Learning Agreement -- Download
  • A certificate of language competence


Kocaeli, lies on the Catalca-Kocaeli region of the Marmara Area, between 29°22' - 30°21' E latitudes, 40°31' - 41°13' N latitudes. Surrounded by Sakarya from its East and SouthEast, Bursa on the South, The Izmit Gulf, Yalova and The Marmara Sea and Istanbul on the west, and the Black Sea on the North. The Provincial Center is located on the 30° Eastern Longtitude which is accepted as a base for Turkey's time zone. The surface of the province of Kocaeli is 3.505 km2. It is located on an important crossroad binding Asia to Europe. The Izmit Gulf which is a natural harbour is a busy maritime line. The Istanbul boarder to the NorthWest of the province passes to the East of Kemiklidere. On the SouthEast the Istanbul-Kocaeli boarder ends at the opposite shores of the İzmit Gulf with the soils of Yalova. The Bursa frontier is formed by the line passing through the Samanli Heights. On the SouthEast this boarder leans on to Sakarya which is on the shores of the Sapanca Lake close to Masukiye.


Public transportation is convenient and relatively cheap. Umuttepe Campus is easily accessible from all parts of Kocaeli. The inner-city transportation to and from the Campus is provided by buses of Municipality and by private buses. There is special discount for students.


The Gulf coasts and the Black Sea coasts are mild and the higher regions have a harsher climate. It can be said that the climate of Izmit is a transition betwen Mediterranean and Black Sea climate. Summers are hot and with scarce rainfalls and winters are rainy and occasionally cold and snowy. Differences are obvious between the Marmara and Black Sea coasts of Kocaeli. While tha gulf coasts can be too hot sometimes the Black Sea coast is cooler. Highest ever temperature recorded in city center is 41.6°C (11 August 1970), Coldest ever temperature is -8.7°C (4 February 1960), average annual temperature is 14,8°C. Average rainfall on the Black Sea coast exceeds 1.000 mm. average. This amount decreases as we go Southward, falls under 800mm s at Izmit.(784.6mm). On the shoulders of the Samanli Heights facing the gulf climate resembles the Black Sea climate. Rainfall is different in this area as well. Winds blow from North on winter and NorthEast on summers.


In Turkey, the official language is Turkish. The Turkish language belongs to the Ural-Altaic group and has an affinity with the Finno-Hungarian languages. Turkish is written in the Latin alphabet and is read exactly the way it is written

Arriving in KOCAELI

By Air:

There are two international airports in Istanbul, which is a city located approximately 90 kilometres west of Kocaeli.

İstanbul Airport: Istanbul Airport is located on the European side in Arnavutköy, on the Black Sea coast. To reach Kocaeli from Istanbul Airport, you can go to Sabiha Gokcen Airport by HAVAIST vehicles and then you can reach Izmit bus terminal by using Izmit Municipality intercity bus (HAT 250) or various shuttle buses provided by Sabiha Gokcen Airport (İzmit is the center of Kocaeli province).

Sabiha Gökçen Airport: Sabiha Gökcen International Airport is located on the Asian side of Istanbul which is closer to Kocaeli. From Sabiha Gökçen Airport, you can take a shuttle bus to Izmit Bus Terminal.

Both domestic and international flights are periodically available from Ataturk Airport (140 km west) and Sabiha Gokcen Airport (60 km west) every day. There are also regular flights from many European cities.

For detailed information

By Road

It is possible to arrive in İstanbul, Turkey by coach from most destinations around Europe. Coaches arrive in İstanbul, Esenler Main Coach Station and it is required to take a domestic coach to arrive in İzmit Central Coach Station. There are coaches from İstanbul to İzmit almost every half hour. The trip takes approximately 2 hours. İzmit, the center of Kocaeli, is connected to all parts and cities around Turkey. Domestic coaches are frequently available and there is discount for students. Since it is cheaper and more frequent, road transport is a preferable way of transport among students.

By Rail

There is a High Speed ??Train station in Kocaeli. The station is located at the west entrance of the city.

Visa and Residence Permit

For registration, exchange students have to secure an official approval from the Turkish Consulate of their home country in a document showing the period of study in Turkey. With this consent entered on their passport and an invitation letter from Kocaeli University, they are granted an education visa. In two weeks after the arrival, students have to register at the Kocaeli Police Station and receive "a residence permit" in return for € 70. Required documents are as follows.

  • 5 photos and € 70 (ca.138 TL)
  • Original Passport and a copy
  • Residence Permit Form (to be supplied by International Relations Unit)

Should you have any questions regarding "Residence Permit", International Relations Office will guide you.

Kocaeli Province Police Station:
Address: Körfez Mahallesi Rıza Paşa Sokak No: 4, 41100 Kırkikievler, İzmit, Kocaeli
Phone: +90 262 315 72 72

Registration at Kocaeli University

In order to make your registration as an Erasmus exchange student at Kocaeli University, you should visit Registrar's Office of the Student Affairs Department located at Kocaeli University Umuttepe Campus (Registrar's Office operates within the Informatics Building which is "Bilgi İşlem Daire Başkanlığı" in Turkish). There, you will be asked to fill and submit the required documents.

Required documents:

An official student certificate (issued by the our International Relations Office)
ID Details
One passport-size photograph

After your registration is processed, the Registrar's Office will submit you a student number and a password. With this number, you can have your student ID Card issued by the Office of General Student Affairs. For the registration dates at Kocaeli University, please refer to the academic calendar.

Orientation Program

International Relations Office organizes an orientation program to help the exchange students adapt to living in a new environment and culture.

Communication Services

Turkey has an active telephone network. Türk Telekom provides all kinds of national and international telecommunication services in Turkey. After the separation of post and telecommunication services in 1995 Türk Telekom has taken over the mission of maintaining the position of Turkey as the region's communication hub.

Any number within the country or around the world can be called by entering the required codes. Telephone numbers are composed of two parts, the three digit area code and the seven digit telephone number.

Public phones are public service telephones operating by magnetic card, credit card and smart card. These phones are installed freely by Türk Telekom at public function places such as squares, hospitals, bus terminals, train terminals, seaports, airports, underground stations, military units and mass housing sites. There are many public phones in Kocaeli University campus. Cards used in public phones are sold by Türk Telekom dealers at the current tariff rates.

TTcard is a prepaid system which you can use for both domestic and international calls via not only public phones but also from home and office phones. The system operates in 2 languages as; Turkish and English. International students are allowed to bring one mobile phone into Turkey within one calendar year for use during their stay in Turkey. A personal mobile phone brought in to Turkey in this manner is exempt from tax and duty. You can use your mobile telephone line if it is enabled for international roaming.

It is necessary to register the mobile phones in order to use them with SIM card bought from a Turkish network operator. (In order to use such a mobile phone with a SIM card bought in Turkey from a Turkish network operator, the mobile phone number assigned to the SIM card needs to be correlated with the IMEI number of the mobile phone). Phones not registered in this way will be blocked and unable to receive or make calls. There is no charge levied for such a registration.

Post-Cargo-Courier Services

Post, cargo and courier services are provided both by the state and the private sector in Turkey. PTT is state institution and offers postal services, money order services, collection of credit card payments, collection of electricity bill, collection of water bills, pension payments, units and telephone card sales, effective transactions, exchange foreign currency, insurance transactions, internet packages, ticket sale, catalogue sales, product sales and electronic certificate. The PTT has a widespread service network and its offices can easily be found on almost every corner of the city. Both international and domestic companies provide service for your domestic and international cargo and courier requirements.

Banking Services and Credit Cards

The banking sector forms a great part of the Turkish financial system in its dynamic economy. There are approximately 50 investment, development and commercial banks operating in Turkey. You can cash your traveler cheques in banks, exchange foreign currency, pay your credit card bills, send and receive online money orders.

International credit cards such as VISA, MasterCard and American Express are valid in almost all locations in the city. There are bank branches and various ATMs located on the University campus for the use of students, academic and administrative staff.

Local Time

GMT + 2 hrs. (Summer)


220 volts AC, all over Turkey. The voltage is clearly marked on all hotel outlets.

Tap Water

It has been chlorinated but we recommend you to prefer bottled water for drinking which is sold across the city markets and newsagents.

Weights and Measures

Metric system.

Language Courses General Information for Students

Except for some faculties and departments, the medium of instruction is Turkish at Kocaeli University. In general, faculties and departments' curricula offer some courses in English and German.

In the bachelor's or master's degree programs, where the medium of instruction is fully or partially English or German, a language proficiency examination is conducted by the School of Foreign Languages prior to the commencement of the academic year. Students who are proficient in this examination or who can officially certify their language proficiencies can enroll in their undergraduate and graduate programs.

Incoming Erasmus students are also advised to enroll "Introduction to Turkish Language" courses. The courses are carried out by the Department of Turkish Language. The objectives of the Turkish courses are to help students to gain a strong Turkish Grammar, writing and speaking ability at first level. In the second level, to understand and comprehend Turkish Language and Turkish culture.

Internships General Information for Students

Internship, or practical training is compulsory in some faculties such as; Engineering, Science, Education, Medicine and Dentistry and elective in the other faculties. The duration of practical training for each program varies between 4 to 8 weeks except for the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry. In addition, technical trips and excursions are organized for students in order to improve their understanding of their selected fields of study. Furthermore, Kocaeli University has a tradition of good cooperation with professional organizations and enterprises abroad and in the country.

Sports and Leisure Facilities General Information for Students

Many training and sports facilities are available in Kocaeli University, School of Physical Education and Sports. The Gazanfer Bilge Sports Hall is a multi-purpose sports complex located on a 10300 square meter site and has an audience capacity of 2000. It comprises three training rooms, two fitness rooms, two dance and workshop halls. Indoor Semi-Olympic Swimming Pool, which is built to Olympic standards, has swimming lanes and provides accommodation for 265 spectators.

It is used for the swimming courses of the students, swimming and diving courses, national and international competitions, water ballet and various water sports. Its heating, air-conditioning and hygienic conditions are automatically controlled. It has an electronic scoreboard, underwater TV system, showers with photocells, and modern changing rooms.

For outdoor sports, there are 4 tennis courts, 3 basketball courts, 4 volleyball courts and football pitch and walking paths.

In the Social Facilities building, in addition to the computer labs students are offered many activities such as; table tennis, billiards, backgammon, taboo.

Student Associations General Information for Students

Student Council

The Student Council represents the registered students at Kocaeli University and consists of the students selected from each academic unit (Faculty/Department, Schools and Vocational Training Schools). The Student Council represents the Kocaeli University student body in a democratic way, informing and conferring with the University administration when necessary.

Student Clubs

Kocaeli University both encourages and supports participation in student activities and cultural, social organizations that contribute to the development of the students. The student clubs are created and develop on the basis of the student and community needs and interests. The major purpose is to contribute to the personal development of the students along with the academic skills. The student associations continuously try to improve the quality and quantity of its social and cultural activities. There are 114student clubs/unions, which are active in various diverse fields of interest. The University provides facilities and funding for the student clubs.

Schools and Vocational Schools CLUBSFaculty /Department CLUBSKocaeli University Clubs
Derbent Vocational School ClubElectronic Communication ClubBooks Club
BESYO Students ClubIndustrial Engineering ClubTheatre Club
Stock Market and Finance ClubLaw School Students ClubEnvironment Club
Asım Kocabıyık Vocational School ClubEducation Technologies ClubAtatürk's Thought Club
Private Security and Protection ClubGeology Engineering ClubDance Club
Foreign Trade ClubEnglish Language and Literature ClubMusic Club
Store Management ClubComputer ClubMotor Sports Club
Accounting ClubPolitical Sciences ClubCycling Club
Young Entrepreneurs ClubMathematics ClubCinema Club
Paint Technology ClubPhotography ClubWomen Works Club
Logistics ClubJournalism ClubAKUT (Rescue Team) Club
Isolation Student ClubTechnical Education Faculty ClubMountaineering and Outdoor Sports Club
Occupational Health and Safety ClubHistory ClubYouth Self-Improvement Club
Visual Arts ClubGeophysics Engineering ClubScientific Research Club
Volunteer Firefighters ClubFine Arts ClubUnderwater Assemblage Club
Environmental Cleaning Services ClubsCommunication and Design ClubModern University Students Club
Karamürsel Maritime ClubArchitecture and Design ClubSociety and Life Club
Köseköy Vocational School Technology ClubEducation Faculty Students ClubFolklore Club
 Literature ClubExtreme Sports Club
 Management ClubAviation Club
 Chemical Engineering ClubTourism Club
 Philosophy ClubModern Life Club
 Material ClubSailing Club
 Governance ClubKocaeli University Puppet Club
 Physics ClubKocaeli University R&D and Innovation Club
 Archeology ClubKocaeli University Leadership Club
 Computer and Info Club 
 Culture, Art and Social Researches Club 
 Economy Club 
 Electrical Engineering Club 
 Biology Club 
 School of Medicine Social Activities Club 
 Social Politics Club 
 Mechatronics Engineering Club